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Step-by-step Process of How to download youtube videos online


Easy steps for online video download:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic You tube is featured with many precious videos. But this webpage only provides the option to watch the videos online. If you want to see you tube video without internet connection it cannot be possible. And the video links in you tube will expired after some days. Now days there are several online web pages by which you can Save youtube videos online . These online sites can download your video from you tube within some minutes. You have copy the link from you tube and paste it on the provided text box of the site. Then click on the download button and wait some time. You have to wait depending upon the length of the video. Here are some easy steps for downloading a video online from you tube-

1. Just copy and paste the URL of the video and click on the download button.

2. Now select run for continuing. It is safe and any software will not be installed.

3. Then the list of download links will appear. For starting your download you have right click on the format then click on the save as button.

Step by step process:

In the online pages there is a text field where you have to copy and paste you tube video link. The online sites are you tube video download online tool. Before downloading online video you must Java2 JRE engine in your computer. And you are advised to get a toolbar from you tube for faster access. Here are some step by step processes to save youtube videos online .

1. Copy paste the URL from you tube video.

2. Now enter the URL of you tube on the text field of the site.

3. You have to click “Get Link” and then a new link will appear.

4. Now in a new pop up window download link will appear.

5. You may have seen a message to install Java2 JRE and then install the software Java2 JRE.

6. After downloading the video you need a FLV player for playing the video because most of the video are of .FLV extension. And you have to download the FLV player.

7. If you want to play the video on BlackBerry, Sony PSP, iPad, iPod, Zune mobile phones then you have to convert the video to different formats like .AVI, .3GP, .MP4, .WMV etc and you have to download FLV converter for this.

8. There is also a software named as you tube mate software by which you can play video directly and download videos from you tube.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic KEEPVID is online video downloader site from you tube. On the link toolbar you have to drag a button. Then you have to click keep it while you are watching the video. There are mainly three types of video which you may download. 3GP format is for your cell phone and you can take it by USB cords. FLV format is supported by most of the flash players. MP4 format is the best quality which with the QuickTime and many other players. You can also refer to the website for more information about online you tube video download.